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Safe Step

Safe Step Walk In Bathubs
Safe Step Walk In Bathtubs are perfect for seniors and anyone else with challenges getting around.  With a Safe Step In Tub you can be assured that you will be able to safely enter and exit your bathtub without the risk of falls and injuries.

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Hydrotherapy Step In Bathtubs
Safe Step Tubs integrate hydrotherapy technology to give you a comfortable soak every time you bath.  A hydrotherapy bathtub is perfect for stiff muscles, those with chronic back pain and especially for those with arthritis.  A Safe Step Hydrotherapy Tub will help those with any of these issues feel much better after a bath.

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Whether you or or a loved one is elderly or disabled in some way, the Safe Step In Bathtub is the best option on the market for safety in the bathroom.  Statistics have proven the the number one place in the home for falls is in the bathroom.  When you get a Safe Step Walk In Bathtub, you will greatly reduce your risk of falling.  So why not convert you or your loved ones regular bathtub to a Safe Step Walk In Tub today for safety and comfort reason?

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With normal bathtubs, when you step over the wall of the tub, the floor can be wet and can cause you to slip.  Another issue is there is no railing to help you get up out of your tub and the if there is, the handle in many situations can’t hold your weight.  This can all be resolved by having one of our profession bathtub conversion specialist install a Safe Step.

Walk In Bathtubs or “Walkin Tubs” are the safest way to bath for elderly and handicapped individuals.  Anyone with any mobility issues can benefit greatly from a Safe-Step Walk-In Tub.

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Safe Step Walk In Showers
We are now also offering Safe Step Walk In showers and shower conversions as well.  A Safe Step Walk In Shower may be even a better option than a Safe Step Walk In Bathtub in some cases where the individual has too much trouble getting up and down.  Why not convert your regular shower into a Safe Step Walk In Shower?

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